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Service Accessibility and Coverage

Are ARTS buses open to the public?

Yes, the ARTS buses are open to the general public. We also provide specialized services like medical care transportation in addition to regular public transportation.

 Where can the ARTS buses take me?

ARTS buses can take you to various towns and communities within Aroostook County, including Houlton, Presque Isle, Caribou, Fort Kent, and other smaller communities. Once in town, you can go anywhere you’d like within the community.

 Is there a service available to get to Bangor or beyond for the general public?

ARTS primarily operates within Aroostook County and does not extend services beyond this region for the general public. However, specialized trips, such as medical appointments or essential needs, may be accommodated outside the county.

Do you have fixed routes or loops for bus services?

Currently, we operate on an on-demand basis and don’t have fixed loops. However, we are working towards implementing fixed routes for more structured services in the future.

Fares and Payments

How much does it cost to ride the buses?

The cost varies based on factors such as location and distance traveled. For in-town travel, the cost for low-income or elderly individuals is $3 for the day, including pickups, two stops, and the return ride home. Each additional stop beyond two stops incurs an additional dollar charge.

 Can I bring an aide or companion with me on the bus?

Yes, if you require assistance or have a companion aiding you, they can ride with you for free. Please inform us when scheduling your ride.

Can I purchase tickets or fares in advance?

Yes, we offer tickets and vouchers that can be purchased in booklets in advance. This allows you to have your fare ready before boarding.

Policies and Procedures

Are there restrictions on bringing food or drinks onto the bus?

Yes, we don’t allow open food or drinks on the bus to maintain cleanliness and passenger comfort.

What is the policy for animals on the bus?

We allow service animals on our buses to accommodate passengers with disabilities. Service animals are an exception to our no-pets policy.

How many bags or packages can I bring on a bus?

We do not limit the number of bags or packages you can bring on the bus. However, we request passengers to be reasonable and considerate of others, ensuring there is enough space for everyone’s belongings.

Can I leave shopping bags on a bus while shopping at another store?

No, leaving bags or belongings on the bus while you shop at another store is not allowed for security reasons.

Employment and Volunteering

Does ARTS need volunteer drivers?

Yes, ARTS welcomes volunteer drivers and reimburses them for mileage. This reimbursement is non-taxable income and amounts to $.50 per mile driven. We appreciate volunteers contributing their time and effort to our services. Visit this page for more information.

Is ARTS hiring?

Yes, you can deliver your application by person, mail, email, or fax. If you have any questions, please call (207) 764-3384.  Visit this page for more information.